The Importance of Having Unique Usernames

ActivTrak registers and tracks profiles based on the user profile name. The usernames are pulled directly from the machine itself. For this reason, if more than one user profile is registered with the exact same username it will cause reporting issues within the account. These issues will consist of mixed data when viewing reports. 

Check the usernames registered by going to Settings > Users & Groups > User Agents and view the names listed under 'User'. If each name is not unique, there are two options that can be taken to resolve the issue. 

  • The permanent fix is to change the profile user names on the physical machine. Once the profile name is changed, uninstall then reinstall the ActivTrak agent. This will then create a new user profile and begin logging data under the new profile username. Please keep in mind that once the new profile is registered it will count as a user license and thus potentially put the account over the user limit. Therefore, it is important to export all needed data from the old user profile so that it can be deleted after the new user profile has been registered. 
  • The second option is to create unique alias names by following the steps within this article, Aliases. Once the aliases are created the usernames will be replaced by the alias names in all reports and dashboards. With this option, it is important to remember to create new aliases each time new users appear with the same registered username.

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