Set a Timed Lock on a PC for Passive-Locked

Setting a timed lock on a PC with ActivTrak installed will help to prevent excess passive time in the user's reports if they forget to lock or turn off their machine after working.


  • Passive Time is defined as the time that a user has not used the keyboard or mouse and the agent reports a non-active window instead. To learn more about passive time click here.
  • Passive-Locked is the time after the computer has displayed the lock screen and the user has not used the keyboard or mouse. In this mode, a password is usually required to gain access to the Machine again. Passive-Locked does not count towards the Passive Time seen in user's reports. 

In order to set a timed lock on the computer, go to the start menu and search for a Screen saver. Select a screensaver that you may want, set a time, and ensure the box to the right to display a locked screen is checked. 


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