Deploy the ActivTrak Agent via shared link

In this new world of remote work, it’s more important than ever for employers to maintain the ability to manage and coach their employees. The first step in using ActivTrak starts with deploying the ActivTrak Agent.

Depending on your environment, there may be several aspects to take into consideration when installing software to remote devices. For example, if devices are not connected to the same network or virtual private network (VPN), it may not be possible to remotely install the agent using Group Policy or the ActivTrak Remote Installer

Another method to deploy and install the agents remotely is via direct link. This allows admins to generate a secure link to share the agent installer packages with employees so they may install them directly on their devices. These links allow for a fast and easy way to share the latest agent versions associated with the account and ensure a clean deployment. 


How To:

1. To install agents remotely via direct link, navigate to Settings >  Account Configuration on the left sidebar menu.

2. On this page, an option for Agent Install to generate a link for either the macOS or Windows installers will be provided.

3. Click on the "Create" button for the platform of choice and a URL will be generated. It may take a few seconds to display.

4. Once a URL is generated, it will expire after 72 hours. This expiration time will be shown above the "Create" button.

NOTE: The same link CAN be shared with multiple employees, however the URL is specific to your account so it is important to be mindful of sharing this URL only with the appropriate users.

5. This URL can be copied to place in an email or messaging platform of your choice to send to the intended users. Users can then download and run the installer, which will install the ActivTrak agent to their devices and establish a secure connection back to your Dashboard within a couple of minutes.

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