Intelligent Auto-Classification and New Classification Settings Release Notes (3.51.4)

ActivTrak’s latest release (3.51.4) is being applied to all accounts on a rolling basis. All accounts will have access to these new features this week. 

This release includes two new major improvements to quickly and easily understand the context of employees' work plus a new way to distribute agent installers. First, we are introducing our new Intelligent Auto-Classification capability which assigns the category and productivity for most of the applications and websites our customers access without manual input. In addition, we’ve completely rebuilt how Administrators review and classify undefined employee activity. We are also releasing a new way to distribute the agent installer to a remote workforce. Admins can now easily create a secure link to provide to employees or IT staff for deploying ActivTrak quickly and safely. 

Intelligent Auto-Classification

Our Intelligent Auto-Classification uses an advanced rules-based approach built based on how our customers have classified applications and websites in the past. This practical crowd-sourced approach ensures that current and new customers can easily see and analyze the context of what their employees are working on - without having to review each and every website or application.

All our customers are now able to take advantage of 12,000+ websites and 300+ applications that are automatically classified with a category and productivity, saving Administrators a significant amount of time tagging their employee’s activities.  These new classifications will not override any that were previously defined, they will be applied only to new activities coming in or those that were undefined. 

The new auto-classification applies role-focused categories to each website and application employees are using on their work devices. The 46 categories range from descriptions of tools used by common roles such as Design, Marketing, Sales, Developer, etc., industry-specific tools such as Construction, Manufacturing, and Health Care along with categories describing the types of websites or applications used by employees such as Email, Government Resources, News & Entertainment, Sports, etc. 

We plan to continue to improve the accuracy and coverage of our Intelligent Auto-Classification. If you have any ideas for improvements, please let us know!


Classification Settings Page

ActivTrak Administrators now have access to a Classification page located under Settings in our main navigation. This new Classification page allows Administrators to easily review current classifications, review auto-classified activities and adjust any activities needing a category or productivity status.

We have replaced the Categories and Productivity Settings page with the introduction of this new Classification page. The new page was designed based on our customers’ feedback; they told us that they need more details when assigning productivity and categories and they want to classify websites and applications with categories and productivity all in one location. 

This new page addresses those needs by allowing Administrators to review websites and applications and apply classifications in one step. In this example, you can see that there are 3 users who have spent 4 hours and 38 minutes on since December of last year. In addition, we have auto-classified this website with the category of Email and set it to productive.


Similar to the details available in the Top Websites or Top Applications reports, Admins can click on the Details button to see more context of the top titles employees have visited the most as well as the top three users on this activity. These details make it significantly easier and faster to review and assign classifications. Screen_Shot_2020-06-30_at_12.07.26_PM.png

To help navigate through all the activities employees are using, we have provided quick filters to easily see which activities are Pending Categorization, Pending Productivity, Auto-Classified, and All activities. In addition, there are filters for every category assigned to activities along with a search feature to easily find what you need.

 Agent Installer Link

In addition to the new classification features, we have recently released a new method to install agents.  Given the sudden increase of companies going fully remote, remotely installing the ActivTrak agents on each employee's machine is a challenge. To address this challenge, we have added a way to easily create a secure link for sharing the agent installers.

To create secure agent installer links, access the new “Agent Install” section on the Settings > Configuration page. From there, you can create distinct links for the latest Windows and Mac Agents. Please note these links expire after 72 hours for security purposes.  


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