What is the Chrome Extension?

The Chrome extension is not solely for users running the Chrome Agent on their machines, but can also be used for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The extension is available within the Chrome Store located here. 

With the Chrome extension installed, only those activities within a Chrome browser are monitored and reflected within the ActivTrak platform. There is no need to download the Windows/Mac Agent along with the extension if only the browser activity needs to be captured. If all computer activity, or other browser activity outside of Chrome needs to be collected, then the full Windows/Mac Agent will need to be downloaded. 

NOTE: At this time, there is not a Linux installer and therefore the Chrome extension is the only available source to gather end-user activity. 

All extension users will need to follow these instructions, as additional steps outside of just adding the extension are required. Once the chrome extension is installed, it is important to note that it is not hidden. It will appear in the browser toolbar similar to the following. 


This can be hidden from the toolbar by right-clicking the extension and selecting 'Hide in Chrome menu'; however, this will still appear under the extensions menu. 


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