Time Zones Setting

The Time Zones setting allows account Administrators (and Configurator roles with access to Settings) to manage time zone preferences across the ActivTrak platform. 

ActivTrak Agents record time zone data in UTC. Time Zone settings allow you to select and customize time zone details for your account.

Under Settings > Time Zone, you can configure:

  •  Account Date and Time Zone. Select the account date and time zone to align and display dates and times in the same selected time zone across all users, reports and dashboards within the ActivTrak platform. You can choose any preferred time zone from the drop-down list.
  • Activity Time and Time Zone. Enable display of local date and time zone details for each recorded activity in the Activity Log report and ActivConnect. When the Display option is enabled, the local time zone data is sourced from the user’s computer’s configured time zone.

Set the default Account Date and Time Zone:

To change or view the account's current timezone settings, navigate to Settings > Time Zone > Account Time Zone.

Once there, an admin will be able to select the time zone, date format, time format and adjust accordingly.

Enable Activity Date/Time Display:

Navigate to the Activity Time and Time Zone section under Settings > Time Zone. Select your preference from Display or Do Not Display and hit Save. The Display option is selected as default.

Selecting‘Display activity time and time zone’  allows users with access to the Activity Log to view the Activity Date/Time column within the report to view the local time zone corresponding to each activity. 

Additionally, users can control the display of the Activity Date/Time column within the Activity Log. Navigate to Live Reports> Activity Log > Columns > Select Columns. Select the Activity Date/Time filter to see the Activity Date/Time column added to the Activity Log report. This column will be populated with the date and time zone of when the activities occurred based on the time zone configured for the computer.


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