How to Introduce the Use of ActivTrak to Your Workforce

Many of our customers have asked us how they should introduce ActivTrak to their employees. Needs will vary across different organizations, however, there are some best practices that we suggest when communicating with your team about your ActivTrak implementation. 


Inform Employees & Be Transparent 

Anxiety over software that tracks user activity can grow when employees are not informed and feel like they are “being watched” or scrutinized. However, the focus of such software can be to uncover behaviors that lead to greater employee success while amending behaviors that may lead to losses in productivity or security risks. 


Quick Tips:

  • Let employees know that online user activity will be captured and logged electronically on company-owned devices
  • Tell employees what data ActivTrak collects
  • Be specific and consistent in what your organization wants to track and explain why you’re implementing ActivTrak  


Respect Privacy & Establish Trust

It’s up to management to set clear boundaries as to what information is being tracked and when. It’s also important to work with employees to gain a better understanding of flexible work hours and personal time.  


Quick Tips:

  • Discuss your plans to respect employee privacy by setting up scheduled tracking to only capture activity on devices during working hours.
  • Be specific on your goals and communicate how the data collected will be used by your organization. Some examples we hear from our clients include: 
    • Understanding areas in need of productivity improvements
    • Uncovering workflow barriers and bottlenecks
    • Strengthening cybersecurity defenses
    • Encouraging employee engagement
    • Identifying ideal times for different activities such as meetings based on productivity patterns
  • Encourage feedback and invite employees to ask questions

Use ActivTrak as a Collaboration Tool

ActivTrak can be used as a workplace learning tool for both management and employees alike to identify areas of improvement and new opportunities. Many organizations use ActivTrak’s data insights to find trends, patterns, and correlations that help them better understand workflows, productivity behavior and compliance risks.


Quick Tips:

  • Share data insights with your teams to encourage productivity improvements and engagement.  
  • Additionally, you can grant access to individual employees so they can view their data and analyze their own work habits and productivity. 
  • Use data insights as coaching opportunities to drive continued learning and retention. 

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