How to Classify Productivity and Categories by Groups

ActivTrak’s Intelligent Auto-Classification feature automatically classifies most of the websites and applications that the majority of customers use including new websites and applications introduced.

Customers on a paid plan can also assign category and productivity exceptions to specific groups to suit various different roles or teams. 

To classify different groups, visit the Classification Page by navigating to Settings > Classification.

Activity Classification

The Classification Page lets you easily view all current activity classifications, review auto-classified activities and adjust any activity category or productivity status. To assign exceptions by groups, click on the activity to access its details page. To view all activities that have been assigned a group classification, filter Classified activities to Group Classified.


Assign Group Classifications

Clicking on the activity will bring you to the classifications details page. You will also see the section underneath the activity details called Group Classification.


Click on Add Group Classification and a drop-down menu will appear. From here, click on“Select a Group” from your existing list of groups you have established. 

After you have selected a group, you will see that the exception item is now under Group Classification. You can then change the category from the default which is shown and/or the productivity status from the default shown to reflect that particular group as needed.   

 Given that users can be assigned to multiple groups, the order of the group classifications will determine which classifications are recorded for the individual user. The order of the groups listed here will determine which classification is recorded – the first group listed is the highest priority.

To modify the order of these groups and their classifications, use the four-dot icon to the left of each group to drag the group to the preferred positioning. 


These group classifications are also visible in your reports with productive and unproductive classifications as well as category classifications reflected based on those group(s) exceptions. When a website or activity with a mixed classification is represented, such as in the Top Websites and Top Applications report, the mixed productivity icon will show.


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