Minor Update Release Notes (3.52)

ActivTrak’s latest release introduces several small tweaks to the application and bug fixes. Including the following changes:

  • Productivity & Category: Assigning a category or productivity status is no longer available within the Top Websites and Top Applications. Users are instead brought to the new Classification page to assign productivity.
  • Group Search: Users can now search for members to groups within the Settings > Group page. 
  • Canceled Exports: Cancelled data exports are now logged within the Security Audit Log 
  • Select All Columns: When selecting columns to display within reports, users now have the option to select all columns at once. 
  • Video Pre-Recording: We have updated the messaging surrounding pre-recording videos to ensure users do not unintentionally turn on this data-heavy feature.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug to ensure computer filters work within Real-Time
    • Fixed a bug that prevented IE11 users from loading the app



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