Group Classification Release Notes (3.53)

ActivTrak’s release 3.53 builds upon our new Classification Settings page and allows Administrators to assign productivity and categories to specific groups. Group Classification is now available to accounts on the Advanced plan with current agent versions. 

Group Classification 

Applying a classification to a group is just as easy as assigning global classifications. From the Settings > Classification page click on the ‘Details’ button within the Activity cards. From there, click Add Group Classification to add one or more group-specific categories and productivity. 

Screen_Shot_2020-04-14_at_6.19.58_PM.png Click on the Details button to access the Group Classification Settings.


Given that many employees are members of multiple groups (for example, Management and HR) you can set the priority of which group classification is applied. Reorder of the groups within the Group Classification settings on the details page to indicate the priority order of which category and productivity assignment is applied.

In addition to the Settings page, we have updated Top Websites and Top Applications with new icons that indicate when a website or application has a mixed productivity status. All other reports will display the category and productivity assigned to the individual employee. 

You can learn more about how to use this group classification feature in this article.  

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