Minor Updates Release Notes (3.52.7)

The release of 3.52.7 includes a number of minor adjustments and bug fixes to improve ActivTrak’s customer experience and data accuracy. The following changes have been released:

  • Classification is now available for use within mobile websites on phones and tablets.
  • Google multifactor authentication is now available for new admins added to the application
  • Group Alarms are now identified as such with the Alarms list.
  • Accounts, where the billing is handled by a Partner or MSP, will no longer have access to checkout or licensing numbers.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Corrected an issue on Chrome in Windows 10 where the Working Hours report was inadvertently cut off
    • Corrected an issue where Real-Time was showing the wrong
    • Fixed a bug to ensure Real-time refreshes at the correct interval.
    • Fixed a bug to ensure Alarms are only saved with conditions. 
    • Corrected an issue within Classification within the Details popup where the users were brought back to the first activity in lieu of continuing through classifying activities.


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