Top User Alarms To Turn On

Setting and using alarms in ActivTrak is a great way to set guardrails for users and to help Admins manage productivity and ensure operational compliance with organization guidelines. 

There are three alarm types in ActivTrak:

  1. User Activity - triggered as the result of certain user activity
  2. USB Alarms - detect USB device &/or file sharing activity
  3. Security Audit Alarms - notify of changes to your ActivTrak account


User Activity alarms are available in both Free and Advanced ActivTrak plans. USB and Security Audit Alarms are available only in the Advanced Plan. 

There are different circumstances in which to use each of these types of alarms depending on your organization’s unique needs and desired level of security.

Below are the top alarms you should consider activating in your ActivTrak account: 

  • Access Attempts to Blocked Websites
  • Social Media Visits
  • Data Saved to USB Device
  • File Sharing
  • Social Media Visits
  • Alarm Deleted
  • User or Admin Deleted
  • ActivTrak Agent Uninstalled

Free and Advanced Plan


Access Attempts to Blocked Websites

Be notified when a user attempts to access websites or domains you have blocked and don’t want your employees to access. Perhaps these sites are risky for malware or simply unproductive during working hours such as gambling, dating, or other websites. 

The ActivTrak app will redirect a website to, preventing access to the website. You can configure a pop-up to the user or have an email sent to the Admin of the event. This event will also show up in your Alarm log to create an audit trail. 


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Social Media Visits

There are times when visits to social media websites provide a healthy break between work tasks. You may, however, wish to keep an eye on social media usage to uncover unproductive, excessive use of such sites. 

Out-of-the-box there are pre-configured common social media websites included in this alarm such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You can use these settings as-is, alter the time spent on each to establish a healthy time allocation of use and/or modify settings further to best suit your needs. 


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Advanced Plan Only


Data Saved to USB Device 

With a USB Alarm, you can be notified when a USB device is inserted into company-owned computers, and when storage is written to. This allows you insight into if and when data is copied and potentially shared outside of your compliance and security protocols. Easily identify and prevent insider threats and data compliance violations by activating a USB Alarm.


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File Sharing

If your teams actively use cloud sharing applications as part of their daily work, then this alarm is not necessary. However, if file sharing is prohibited in your organization, this alarm will be helpful to discover when critical files are shared or uploaded to the cloud outside of your compliance guidelines.  

By default, there are pre-configured common file sharing sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox,, and iCloud included in this alarm. You can use the out-of-the-box settings or customize to best suit your needs. You can trigger an alarm action when a file-sharing event occurs including activating a pop-up message to the end-user, terminating the application, or capturing a screenshot of the event. 


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Alarm Deleted

Discover when another Admin on your ActivTrak account deletes an alarm. This provides an audit trail in the Security Audit Log and holds Admins accountable to each other and to the business. 

You can configure an email notification to be sent to other Admins when an alarm is deleted to stay informed and catch any inadvertent mistakes.


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User and/or Admin Deleted

This alarm helps ensure controlled access to employee monitored data and audit any changes to user & admin permissions. These events will also appear in the Security Audit Log for further analysis if needed.  


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ActivTrak Agent Uninstalled

Identify when users may be tampering with the ActivTrak agent installed on their computer(s) and be notified of this event instantly. This event will also appear in the Security Audit Log for further action. 

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