Release Life Cycle

ActivTrak features travel through a regular life cycle as outlined below.

Beta Release

General Availability (GA) Release

End of Sale

End of Life

Note: ActivTrak reserves the right to add new features to the platform without advance notice. These updates are non-breaking because they are additive.

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Beta Release

Features in Beta are managed and supported by the Product Team and have been internally validated for a set of use cases. Minimal documentation is directly provided to customers for Beta releases and is normally not publicly hosted. 

ActivTrak invites a small number of customers for early testing of features in a Beta release. Customers participating in a Beta program agree to provide feedback that is required for maturing the feature. However, the timeline for addressing specific areas of feedback (including bugs) is determined by ActivTrak's market requirements for that feature.

Important: ActivTrak only enables Beta features in a select set of environments because features in Beta aren't supported by ActivTrak Customer Support and may change at any time during the Beta release.

Customers participating in our beta programs are in regular contact with ActivTrak product team members, which may include conference calls between you and ActivTrak that cover specific use cases, deployment guidance, and feedback. ActivTrak may solicit customers to participate in a Beta via email.

General Availability (GA) Release

A feature in General Availability (GA) is a new or enhanced functionality that is enabled by default for all customers. 

Features in GA are supported by ActivTrak Customer Support, and issues are addressed according to your Customer Support Agreement with ActivTrak.

Documentation for features in a GA release is available through our Help Center.

 Exceptions to the Beta-GA Lifecycle

Some changes may not go through the full Beta-GA lifecycle:

  • Bug fixes that change only the incorrect behavior of the bug.

  • Cosmetic changes, such as changing the label of a field in the administrator UI.

  • Changes that are narrow in scope or effect, or purely additive.

Changes like these may be released at any time, and appear in production immediately.

As with all changes that affect our customers, changes outside the regular Beta-GA lifecycle are reported in the ActivTrak Release Notes section of the Help Center and in the product message center.

End of Sale

ActivTrak will publicly communicate the end of the sale of a product, plan, or feature. The End of Sale date denotes the date after which a given product, plan, or feature will no longer be available for sale. End of Sale does not necessarily imply End of Life; a product, plan, or feature may not be sold but still supported for a period of time or indefinitely. 

End of Life

ActivTrak will publicly communicate the discontinuance of a product, plan, or feature in an End of Life announcement. An End of Life announcement marks the beginning of the End of Life life cycle for a particular product, plan, or feature. The End of Life date is the date when ActivTrak will discontinue user access and support for a product, plan, or feature. Typically, an End of Sale announcement will precede the End of Life announcement but on occasion, both may be done simultaneously.

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