Filter Options and Single Day Graph Updates (Release Notes 3.61)

ActivTrak’s latest release includes a few enhancements and minor bug fixes. This release includes the ability for admins to limit date options within the filters and improvements to the single day graph within the Productivity report.

Limiting Date Options within Filters 

With release 3.61, ActivTrak Administrators can configure which date filter options are available for users to select when running reports. Limiting the filter options to shorter date ranges can be helpful to ensure users focus on the appropriate analysis time frames and ensure reports complete as quickly as possible. Administrators can apply these settings by role (administrators vs users).


Single Day Graph Improvement

Before this release, the data presented in the Single Day Report of the Productivity Dashboard was inconsistent. This is because within a 5 min block, if there was a mix of productive, unproductive and passive time, the Single Day Graph displayed the 5-min block as the largest of productive or unproductive. Only if the 5-min block has all passive time, the 5-min block will be marked as passive. This logic caused confusion when trying to compare the information against the Productivity Report.

With 3.61, we have changed the logic in the Single Day report to give equal footing to productive, unproductive and passive time. For each 5-min block, we mark the block as productive, unproductive or passive based on the larger of the three within that 5-min block. Strict mode logic has not changed with this release (i.e. 5-min blocks with any unproductive time, will be marked as unproductive).

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