What is Team Pulse and How to Use it


Team Pulse is a feature available to ActivTrak Advanced Plan customers. 

Team Pulse displays user productivity and availability status via an at-a-glance dashboard. See real-time productivity metrics across team members throughout the day. Users can view the Team Pulse widget at the top of the ActivTrak Dashboard with the ability to drill-down to the Team Pulse page with more detailed views by users. 



Note: Legacy Advanced Plan customers will notice a few modifications made to the user interface. If desired, you can revert back to the classic legacy dashboard via the settings cog in the upper right. 

1. Quick Stats and Real-time formerly displayed on the Dashboard have been replaced with Team Pulse. Real-time is now viewable within the Team Pulse page. Quick Stats is viewable at the top of the Dashboard in a more condensed form. See screenshot below. 


2. Team Pulse has replaced Real-Time in the navigation menu. Team Pulse is simply layered on top of the Real-Time feature. Real-Time is still available and resides within the Team Pulse page. 


Team Pulse provides a helpful snapshot of productivity via cards with information regarding what employees are currently working on as well as summary details of their work for the day. Team Pulse’s data shows only activity from the current day (starting at midnight in your account’s timezone). The real-time availability data detailing the employees’ current activity and status will be refreshed every ~5 seconds. Daily productivity summary data will be refreshed every ~5 minutes providing an up to date source of your workforce activity.  

Team Pulse offers views by users or team members assigned to your groups or you can display all. You can sort the order of the cards by certain criteria (e.g. highest productivity ratio) and filter by availability status (e.g. active, inactive, passive). You can also easily drill into reports for more details.  


Daily Pulse View by Users


Clicking on the Team Pulse hyperlink or on a user’s name will open the Team Pulse View. From this page, you can see key information for the day by each team member including: 


  • Color code which indicates real-time availability status (blue = active, yellow = passive, gray = inactive or offline)
  • Total productive time as a % of total and active time worked today
  • Total time worked in hours
  • Application or website the user is currently working in
  • Top Category and the number of hours worked in that category
  • Top Activity for that user within that category 


Clicking on the information (i) icon for that Top activity will display a drop-down list of the top three activities and the amount of time the user spent on those activities for the day.


Clicking on the person icon on the user card will display a drop-down which shows a variety of additional information for that user including active time first and last seen and to which groups this user is associated.    


Easily drill into reports for more details from various areas of these cards. 


  • Total Time - opens to Top Users report highlighting the specific user
  • Productivity Ratio - opens to Top Users report highlighting the specific user
  • Top Activity - clicking on the name of the app or site will open to Top Websites or Applications highlighting this activity within the Users tab
  • Top Category - opens to Top Categories highlighting this category by Users tab
  • Active Activity  - clicking on the user’s current activity will open to the Activity Log filtered for all instances of this activity


Extended List View

From the Daily Team Pulse page, you can also see a grid view of all user's current activity by clicking on Extended List. This is the former real-time view before the introduction of Team Pulse.



From this view, you can see users in list format with details such as computer, computer alias, title of the application they are working on, etc. You can also select which columns of information you would like to see displayed in this view. 

Clicking on the Settings cog and then “Enable Screen Views”  within the right-hand side of each tab will allow you to enable screen views of users’ screens. ActivTrak defaults protect the data privacy of all users and therefore disables screen views by default. ActivTrak is committed to maintaining Customer privacy and confidentiality. Screen views cannot be redacted like screenshots and enabling screen views will display users’ screens and expose data that is potentially sensitive.

NOTE: ActivTrak recommends that customers keep this default set to disabled for the majority of the time unless there is a compliance incident to investigate for example.

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