Team Pulse (Release 4.0)

ActivTrak’s 4.0 release introduces an exciting new productivity-focused feature, Team Pulse. Team Pulse provides the productivity and availability status of your team at-a-glance. You can see real-time productivity metrics across team members throughout the day. 

 Team Pulse

Advanced Plan customers now have access to Team Pulse's quick summary on the dashboard as well as the full details on the Team Pulse page. 


This new feature is layered on top of our existing Real-Time page - all real-time features are still available. To view Real-Time you can click through to the extended view or Screen View tabs within the Team Pulse page. (You can also switch back to the classic dashboard if that’s your business.) 

The Team Pulse data will include availability information like the one provided in real-time answering such questions as How many team members are active? Is now a good time to ask my employee for a quick call? Along with a quick summary of each employee’s productivity for the day. Answer questions such as What activities have they spent most of their time on? What Category of activities have they focused on today? 

On the dashboard, you’ll now see all the same data and links as available within Real-Time plus their productivity ratio. This allows you to see what employees are working on right now plus how productive they have been throughout the day. Clicking on the user name or Today’s Team Pulse will bring you directly to the Team Pulse page. In addition, Advanced accounts have the option to switch back to the Classic Dashboard which shows the Real-Time section and quick stats at the top. 


On the Team Pulse page, you’ll see extended cards detailing all the employee has accomplished today. In addition to the Real-Time activity and productivity ratio, you can see the user's total time, the top category they have worked, and top 3 activities plus the amount of time spent within each website or application.  You can easily filter to see specific groups or each employees’ current status and sort by many of the data points. Team Pulse is a great new way to manage remote staff and keep a pulse on what everyone is working on today. 

To learn more about how to use Team Pulse, see this KB article


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