Classification and Team Pulse Updates (Release 4.2)


This release includes the following updates for Advanced Plan customers:

  • Bulk Classification enables tagging categories and productivity on multiple activities at once
  • Classification is now available for activities under 5 minutes 
  • Category names can now be edited
  • Team Pulse now has been updated to include additional links
  • ActivConnect customers now have access to two new reports within PowerBI

As a follow up to the new Classification page, we are adding additional functionality to allow users to classify activities with less than 5 minutes of duration, allow for bulk classification and editable category names. These additions were requested by customers and will allow for faster and more complete classification of their employees’ activities. All three new features are available for Advanced plans. In addition, we have added more links and adjustments to the Team Pulse features and added two new reports to the ActivConnect PowerBI reports. 

Bulk Classification

Bulk Classification will increase the speed of tagging. Users will be able to select multiple activities and assign categories and productivity at once. Each activity will now have a selection box or users can choose to to select all, none, those that have been auto-classified, those needing categories and those needing productivity. Once activities are selected, the category and productivity selections will be enabled for use. The user is then able to select a category and/or productivity status that will be applied on all the selected activities. 



Show All Activities

Classifying activities with less than 5 minutes of duration will allow for all activities to be classified with productivity status or categories

By default, the Classification page displays activities from the last 90 days with a duration over 5 minutes. Activities under five minutes of duration are not a large part of the employees workday and do not typically need to be classified. When users can choose to show all activities, they are met with a popup describing these details and letting them know displaying all will potentially slow down the performance of the classification page.


Editable Categories

Editing a category name makes it easy to customize and adjust your category names without retagging activities. By clicking on the name of the category itself, you can easily adjust the name of the category.  Within the category filters, simply hover over the name of the category until the pencil icon appears. Then click on the category name and edit as you see fit.  All activities will be updated with the new name.


Team Pulse updates

 As a quick follow up to the Team Pulse release, we are adding a few additional links and adjustments. Those include:

  • On the dashboard, the Quick Stats are now linked to Top Websites and Top Apps filtered by productive, unproductive and undefined.
  • Links have been added to the cards within the Team Pulse page:
    • Username now links to the Activity Log filtered for the user
    • Productivity Ratio now links to the Top Users report highlighting this user
    • Top Activities now links the name of application or website to Top Websites or Applications highlighting this activity and open to the user tab
    • Top Activity time now links to Top Websites or Applications highlighting this activity and open to the user tab
    • Top Category now links to Top Categories highlighting this category and open to the user tab
    • When hovering over a user’s current activity, you can now see the full Title Bar or URL. 
  • Team Pulse’s feature that allows a user to switch from the Team Pulse to Classic dashboard is now saved for the user themselves and not an account setting impacting all users.

In addition, Internet Explorer 11 users are reminded this browser is no longer supported upon logging into the app. 


New Reports for ActivConnect PowerBI Templates

We have added two new reports to existing Power BI templates based on customer feedback which would expand our offering on Productivity and Activity-Analysis categories. 

Day Activity Details report: This report helps understand the work patterns within a day. You can drill into individual activity details by selecting a time range on the upper chart.



Top Users report: Compare your top performing users and drill down into individual users and see their Productive time by Month, Week start day or day. 


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