Firefox Extension (Required for Mac Agents)

The ActivTrak extension for Firefox is required for all end-users with the software installed working within the Firefox browser. 

In order to install the extension, the following steps will need to be taken. 

  1. Make sure that Firefox is closed (right-click on the Firefox icon in the dock and click "Quit"). 
    • If Firefox was installed after the Mac agent is installed, the extension will not be installed. The Mac agent needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. 
  2. When the Mac agent is installed, open Firefox, and a yellow icon will show on the menu button.


Please Note: 

  • The extension may be disabled from the Add-ons page. Once it is disabled, the Mac agent will not be able to record the URL. 
  • The extension is automatically removed once the Mac agent is uninstalled.

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