Windows Agent 8.1 Release Notes

ActivTrak’s latest Windows Agent includes expanded browser support, improved activity detection, duplicate users' prevention, several improvements to manage & troubleshoot agents, and a number of stability fixes. 

Expanded Browser Support and Activity tracking 

Windows Agent 8.1 improves browser support by expanding on the browsers’ recognized and any applications reporting website activities.  All Chromium Browsers are now supported including Edge, Brave, and AVG.  

In addition, we have optimized the activity monitoring features of the agent to allow for improvements to tracking for passive, passive locked, and scheduling.

New Unique Identifier to Prevent User Duplicates

With the Win Agent 8.1, we introduced a new user identifier to prevent user duplicates in Azure AD and Active Directory environments. The new agent utilizes the User Principal Name (UPN) from Windows Active Directory as the ActivTrak User Name. A User Principal Name (UPN) is the name of a system user in an email address format. A UPN (for example consists of the user logon name, separator (the @ symbol), and the domain name. Note that the UPN is not the same as an email address. Sometimes, a UPN can match a user's email address, but this is not a general rule. 

Customers that don’t want to see UPNs in ActivTrak reports, can edit the User Alias with the user's first and last name or another format.

Agent Diagnostics 

With the introduction of Win Agent 8.1, our support team now has access to several ‘heartbeat’ health checks to remotely verify the agents are working as designed and sending data accurately. 

Logging Improvements

Logging has been available within our agents to allow for tracking down issues when they surface. In this release, customers can now turn on logging via file ( within the installer package. Logging files are now stored in a more discrete location on the users’ machine. In addition, the agent supports remote logging of the agent to allow for fast troubleshooting turnaround by our support team. 

Stability Fixes

Win Agent 8.1 has been thoroughly tested both internally and externally with a number of our customers to ensure it addresses a number of issues identified in prior versions related to stability and passive time over-reporting.

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