Team Pulse Groups Early Access (4.4.0)

ActivTrak’s last release provides early access to our newest feature: Team Pulse Groups.  Team Pulse Group view extends the current Team Pulse User view by summarizing each groups’ current availability and productivity on the dashboard and allows you to drill into daily activity details within the Team Pulse Report.   

Early access allows all advanced plan customers access to this new exciting feature and to provide feedback on its capabilities. If you see something that could be improved - please let us know!

Team Pulse Group View lets you quickly view productivity across your teams for the day and ensures teams have the right alignment, effort, focus & engagement. This snapshot allows you to: 

  • Get a daily summary of team productivity at-a-glance 
  • See team members’ current availability with easy color-coded identifiers
  • View average productivity ratio across the team 
  • View today’s Top Activity for each group
  • Compare each groups’ availability and productivity
  • Filter and sort by groups and status to see quick snapshots of the work day for teams
  • Drill-down into reports for additional details on top users, categories, applications and productivity 


Advanced Plan customers now have access to Team Pulse quick summary on the dashboard as well as the full details on the Team Pulse page. 


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