Azure SSO Setup Steps

*Important: The MSA agreement must be reviewed and accepted first by the admin of the account before going through this process! Trials should complete this SSO Setup process before the expiration date to ensure full functionality post-purchase.

1) Create a SAML app within Azure

    1. Login to Azure
    2. At the top search for enterprise applications or if it has already been favorited, click that
    3. Create a new application in the left-hand corner
    4. Create your own application SSO (SAML) by clicking SAML as shown below

2) Basic SAML Configuration 

Fill information out as shown below (In the identifier put


    1. Where the arrow is shown above, leave that field blank 
    2. In the Reply URL field, use (
    3. So as shown below only the Identifier (Entity ID) & Reply URL should be filled in.steo2_3.png
    4. Click Save

3) Download Base64 Certificate


    1. As shown below where it says Certificate (Base64) click download
    2. Open this in a text editorstep3.png
    3. Copy it
    4. Log into your ActivTrak dashboard
    5. On the panel on the left go to settings > security
    6. Paste this download into the certificate box as shown below between Begin certificate and end certificate


4) Copy the contents below from Azure and paste in the ActivTrak dashboard as shown in step 5 below

    1. Copy the login URL
    2. Copy the Azure AD Identifier (which will go into the SAML Issuer ID as shown below in step 5)


5) Go back to ActivTrak SSO Page 

    1. Make sure Enabled is selected as shown below under Single sign-on
    2. If you can make sure that (Azure AD) is entered in the provider name as shown below
    3. Grab the login url you took from Azure in step 4 above and paste in the login url field as shown below
    4. Grab the Azure AD Identifier you got from Azure in step 4 above and paste in the SAML Issuer ID as shown below

6) User Provisioning (this needs to be done manually )

    1. Check the "USE SSO" button on the right-hand side of the users you want this feature to be enabled for as shown below!

*PLEASE NOTE: The currently logged in user cannot modify their own SSO Setting! If they do, they may be locked out of the account. Another Admin can change this setting for you or alternatively, please contact if you have an account with only a Single Admin.


7) Assign User Access in Azure.

    1. Go to users and group on the left as shown belowstep7a.png

8) Test your login

    1. Go to
    2. select SSO as shown below
    3. Enter your email as shown below (You should now authenticate using your Azure Credentials)
    4. Once SSO is enabled for the User Account, you will not be able to enter a Password for authentication on Activtrak's side.

And that's it!

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