New Team Viewer Role (4.6.0)

We have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see this article for up-to-date information on User Roles.


We are excited to announce a new user role available in your account: Team Viewer.  Team Viewer is designed around the needs of frontline managers, project leads, and team leaders. When you assign users the Team Viewer role, they can see group-level and individual reports for the teams they belong to.

As a read-only user type, Team Viewers cannot change Account Settings or view Alarms. And while they can see user-level reports, Team Viewers cannot dig into detailed Activity Logs or export data. These and other enhancements make the Team Viewer’s dashboards and reports blazing fast - even for large organizations!

To learn more about this new role and access levels for Viewer and other roles, visit this article.


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