Terminating Applications

Having the ability to terminate certain applications may help to avoid users from falling into unproductive or restricted activities during their working hours. ActivTrak supports terminating applications through our terminate function in the alarms. 


Step by Step Guide:

1. First navigate to Alarms > Configuration using the sidebar on the dashboard.

2. Once there, locate the “+ Create New Alarm” button on the top left corner. Click on this button to start creating a new alarm.

3. Next, name the alarm and choose what type of alarm it will be. For this example, we will name it “Microsoft Edge Terminator” and use the type “Activity”.

4. Then fill out the conditions for this alarm.

Add in the application to be terminated when opened in the conditions. For this example, we used Microsoft Edge.  So we chose:

  • “Match ALL”
  • Field = Executable 
  • Operator = Contains
  • Value = Microsoft Edge (place the app name to be terminated) 

We also added a duration condition. This will terminate the application after the user is active in the application for more than 10 seconds.

  • Field = Duration
  • Operator = Greater Than
  • Value = 10

5. Scroll down to the “Terminate” toggle and turn it on.

6. Now the alarm to terminate the application Microsoft Edge after ten seconds of a user being active in it is complete. This can also be set to only affect specific groups at the top of the page if preferred.

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