Chrome Agent Troubleshooting Guide

Follow this troubleshooting guide if you are having issues with the Chrome Extension user reporting. After trying these steps, if you are still running into issues please reach out to ActivTrak Support to further investigate the problem.


Troubleshooting Steps:

First, navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Chromebook User on the dashboard.

Once on this page check to make sure the user was invited and added to the list.



The next step to take would be to ensure that the user is logged into their Chrome browser. This means they must fully log into the browser, with the same email address that was registered within ActivTrak. The steps to do so are below:

  1. Open the Chrome Browser
  2. On the top right of your browser find the user icon and click on it
  3. Once there click sign in and input the correct credentials
  4. After being signed in successfully, the User icon should either appear with the users initial or their picture 

If the agent still doesn’t seem to be working have the user sign out of their Chrome browser and sign back in after resending invites through the dashboard.

Note: To resend invites, the user must be removed from the list and re-added. 


Lastly, try disabling and re-enabling the extension so that the permissions window pops back up to be accepted. The steps to do so are below: 

  1. Find the extension icon at the top right of the chrome browser and select 'Manage Extensions or navigate to chrome://extensions/.
  2. Once you are on the extensions page a list of all of the extensions installed will appear.
  3. Find the ActivTrak Extension and click the blue toggle button once to disable and another time to re-enable. 


Best Practice: It is always advisable to check and ensure that the Chrome browser version is up to date. This will keep the browser running smoothly!

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