Deploying the Agent Through Microsoft Intune in Endpoint Manager

The ActivTrak Agent can be installed through the application deployment feature in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, allowing Admins to install the Agent across their entire network without having to go computer-to-computer. 

First the Agent .MSI file needs to be converted to .InTuneWin format via “Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool”. See full details here.

Once converted, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and navigate to Apps.
  2. Click on Apps > All Apps > + Add.
  3. Under the “App Type”, please select: “Win32 App”.
  4. Upload the newly created .InTuneWin package under “Select app package file”.
  5. Under “App Information”, the only required change is to provide a Publisher name. We suggest using “ActivTrak”.
  6. Under “Program”, no changes are required, but you should evaluate the commands and “Device restart behavior” to ensure they align with your expectations.
  7. Under “Requirements”, you will be required to provide “Operating System Architecture” and “Minimum Operating System” information. Please fill these out to match your organization’s device needs. 
  8. Under “Detection Rules”, select “Manually Configure Detection Rules” > “+Add” > “File”. Then add the following information:

    ”Path”: “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”
    ”File”: “SVCTCOM.exe”
    ”Detection Method”: “File or Folder Exists”

  9. You are not required to provide any information under “Dependencies” and “Supersedence”, but these should be reviewed to match with your organization’s policy and requirements.
  10. Under “Assignments”, add Groups/Devices/Users that you want this app rolled out to.
  11. Review and click ‘Create’ to complete deployment.

Please Note: The .msi installer downloaded from ActivTrak will not work if it is renamed.

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