Common Pricing Questions

This article has some of the most frequently asked pricing questions and their answers. If the answer to your question is not here please reach us via chat or email at

Question: Answer:
Am I charged for going over my user limit? There is no charge for going over the user limit, however, all account data will be hidden until the extra user(s) are placed on the Do Not Track list or the account is upgraded to include them.
Am I charged for going over my storage limit? Similarly to exceeding a user limit, there is no charge for going over the storage limit. However, all account data will be hidden until data is deleted or the account is upgraded.
Can I decrease my user limit and price by using user aliases? User aliases are used for readability purposes only. You cannot decrease your user limit by using an alias. The only way to decrease user licenses is by using an Active Directory, Azure, or similar environment to merge the same user on multiple machines.
Are discounts offered for nonprofits? We do offer discounts for nonprofits, to learn more please reach out to our sales team at
Why can't I manually upgrade when I have a discounted price? When trying to manually upgrade with a discounted price, our cart system isn't able to see the discounted rate. In order to prevent excess charges, we require any plans with discounts to go through the sales team to ensure proper pricing. 
I want to upgrade to an advanced account but I don't need all 5 licenses. Can I only pay for the ones I need? While you do not have to use them all, we do have a hard requirement of purchasing a minimum of five licenses when upgrading to an advanced account. 


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