Windows Agent 8.1.11 Release Notes

ActivTrak’s latest Windows Agent includes enhancements to prevent activity over-reporting, reduce lag on data, and screenshots for terminal server environments and uninstallation.


Prevent activity over-reporting

Windows Agent 8.1.11 improves activity data accuracy by properly detecting the new Windows 10 Active-Standby event as a sleep event. This prevents over-reporting issues occurring with the last activity of the day.


Improved support for terminal server environments

Customers deploying the ActivTrak agent in terminal server environments with a large number of users experienced a lag in the data and screenshots reported due volume of data generated in Terminal Server environments. With the Win Agent 8.1.11, we introduced a new batching upload algorithm that reduces delays in data and screenshots uploaded to the ActivTrak cloud in Terminal Server environments. Contact ActivTrak support for more details on how to enable this for your environment.


Uninstallation improvements

Windows Agent 8.1.11 includes improvements in the uninstall process to mitigate sporadic msiexec failures which resulted in the agent service lingering after uninstall.


Assist Chrome extension

The enhanced ActivTrak Assist Chrome Extension prevents performance issues with custom web applications/pages. Agent 8.1.11 mitigates issues introduced in the latest Window Updates by operating in tandem with the latest version of the ActivTrak Assist Chrome extension. Additionally, the new extension allows manual installation, whereas previously only Group Policy installations were supported.

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