ActivTrak Best Practices


Openness & transparency with employees

ActivTrak recommends being open and honest with employees about the use of our software. We also suggest allowing them access to their own data so they are able to see their own performance. There may be a spike in activity the first few weeks after telling them, but after that, they will begin to revert back to their normal habits.

Too much Passive time

Typically if a user does not lock or put their machine to sleep after finishing work, the agent will track the idle time as passive time which will contribute to the user's productivity report. We suggest making sure the user is locking their machine after working every day to avoid excess passive time. Or configure your passive time settings under Settings > Account Configuration. 

Adjust computer settings

Be sure to check the timezone settings on users' machines to ensure the correct time is reflected in the dashboard.

Create a lock policy on users' machines, so that the machines will lock after 10 minutes of inactivity. This will help reduce passive time logged for the user. 

Stop tracking for users personal use

There is no way to pause the agent, however, there are a few options if the users want to use their computers for personal use without being tracked.

1. Use the scheduling feature to set up specific time periods to track users.

2. If the users don't have set schedules opt to set up a personal profile on the user's machine. Then place the personal profile on the Do Not Track list and leave the Work profile under a 24x7 tracking schedule.


Dashboard Homepage:


Utilize the filters at the top of the homepage to get an overview of a specific user's data.

Today's Team Pulse

Please note that this will only show same-day activity. It gives you the option to toggle between groups and users and different activity levels.

It is good practice to regularly clear your browser cache and cookies to ensure that your Team pulse is displaying correctly.

Pending Classification

The pending classification box on the homepage is a great way to easily keep up to date with recent activities that need to be classified. 


Team Pulse:

Pulse View & Extended List

Pulse View and extended list provide the same information in different formatting. Use the Pulse View if a visual is preferred and Extended list if written data is preferred. 


ScreenView can be enabled and viewed here. If employees tend to work with sensitive information it is not recommended to use the screen view feature because the images of their screen will be visible without redaction.


Live Reports:

Top Websites & Top Applications & Top Categories

These three reports are a great way to identify where users are spending most of their time and what tools they are utilizing most. Identifying where users are spending most of their time is a great way to manage software and work tool subscriptions. They also allow better insight into users' workflows. These can be used to compare how your top users work against the rest to improve overall performance.

Top Users vs Productivity Report

Using the Stacked View in the Top Users Report is more beneficial to see individuals' productivity and make comparisons than the Productivity Report. Both reports also contain the single-day report.

Toggle Passive in the legend

You can include and exclude passive time in reports. In the productivity report, click on passive in the legend to exclude it from the graph. In the Top Applications and Top Websites reports, there is a Productivity filter in the top right to utilize. Also in the Activity Log, the productivity column can be used to filter activities by productivity.

Activity Log

The activity log is useful for pinpointing certain activities and gain insight into what happened before and after to capture a story. 

Alarm Log

Utilize the alarm log to review any alarms that have been triggered. This report provides many different filter options.



Screenshot Viewing

The screenshot history page allows a user to filter by date, user, and productivity type. Use these filters to help narrow down your search.

Screenshot enabling

All screenshots are enabled through alarms. We recommend utilizing the screenshot configuration option when creating and editing alarms instead of using the actual screenshot configurations page.




Utilize the blocking feature to keep users off of unproductive sites. To learn more about website blocking click here



Social Media

Admin users may want to be alerted when a user is spending time on non-work-related apps. We recommend creating an alarm that allows for quick social media breaks, but any time over five minutes and an alarm will be triggered.

To learn more about this type of alarm click here

File Sharing

An admin may want to be alerted to their end-users accessing file sharing websites that could potentially pose a risk to the company. The agent can be told to look for specific words inside a URL or Titlebar, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

To learn more about this type of alarm click here


An admin may want to have a pop-up for users spending too much time on applications that distract from the workday but might still be allowed. For example, if a user is spending more than 2 minutes on Spotify during work time.

To learn more about creating an alarm click here

Communication Applications

An admin may want to have a pop-up for users spending too much time on applications like Slack or Teams that are work necessary but might be breaking focus.

To learn more about creating an alarm click here

Recommended Alarms

This article reviews the top alarms to utilize in your ActivTrak account: Top User Alarms to Turn On

If end users do not know they're being tracked

We do not recommend using the pop-up or terminate features in alarms because it will tip off the users that you are monitoring them.




Check the classifications page weekly for pending activities. The more activities classified as productive/unproductive, the more accurate reports will be.

Category - Ignore

Once an activity is placed in the ignore category, it will be hidden in all reports except for the activity log.


Utilize the group feature to integrate different teams/departments into the dashboard. Reports can be viewed by groups. websites can be blocked by groups and on advanced accounts alarms can be set for specific groups. 

Also, take advantage of enabling Active Directory to set up groups if your company maintains an Active Directory.

User & Computer Aliases

If the users and machines installed have very generic names, utilize the user and computer aliases to easily identify who the machine and user IDs belong to.

Do Not Track

The Do Not Track list is a great way to stop tracking users. We do recommend going through the Do Not Track list from time to time to completely delete users that don't need to be tracked and clean up the list.


Use the scheduling feature to track users during specific time periods. Also if you are interested in not tracking a user while they are out of the office or on holiday click here.




Only give users as much access as they need and be sure that the assigned admins understand how to properly manage the account to avoid mistakes.

Security Audit

Use the Security Audit log to keep track of major account changes made by admins.

Use cases built from system events found here: Use Cases.

Storage Page

It is important to keep the user and computer list tidy on your storage page. Uninstalling agents and deleting old machines and users that are no longer in use will help get the most out of the information listed there.

We also recommend reviewing the most recent log and screenshot time stamps on this page every once in a while to ensure that your agents are working properly.

For more information check out this article: Storage Page 101.




Antiviruses are one of the top causes of agent issues. It is important to always add the agent to the whitelist/exclusions list on the antivirus installed. Even there have been no issues in the past, this will prevent any antivirus-related issues from occurring in the future.

AD Server - Duplicate user count

Ensure that the agent is installed on all servers.






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