Installing the ActivTrak Chrome Assistant

If the ActivTrak agent is unable to accurately pull the URL from a website, it may be necessary to install the ActivTrak Chrome Assistant. The Chrome Assistant can also help to resolve performance issues in drop-down windows. 

Required Prerequisites:

Domain bound systems:

  1. The Chrome application installed
  2. Internet connectivity
  3. The ability to contact a domain controller over the network. This is required to merge local policy with group policy and successfully resolve any conflicts. 

Workgroup systems:

  1. The Chrome application installed
  2. Internet connectivity

How To:

1. Before installing this utility, it is recommended to first completely uninstall ActivTrak from the target computer. This article covers how to uninstall the agent.

2. Once the agent is uninstalled, download the latest version of the installer from and open Command-Line, as outlined in this article

3. In order to install the Chrome Assistant, change the string to the following:


(Replacing the "X"'s with your account number-specific MSI) 

4. Once the agent has been reinstalled with the Chrome Assistant, you will see the assistant listed under chrome://extensions. This will help the agent to gather URLs more consistently and accurately. 


Note: It may be necessary to clear all browser cache/cookies after installing the Chrome Assistant to ensure proper functionality.

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