ActivTrak for Beta Program

The ActivTrak for app makes it easy to integrate productivity insights from ActivTrak into your workspaces. 

This integration highlights activity insights from our popular Top Categories, Top Applications, and Top Websites reports in an interactive dashboard, including:

  • A breakdown of application/website use by category displayed as a percentage of the total time
  • Preview of the top 3 apps & websites under each category, displayed in hours/minutes
  • A team-level “benchmark” chart, which can be filtered to specific groups
  • Individual user charts, which can be filtered by name/email
  • Date filters for ease of comparison and analysis
  • Category filters to highlight users working in specific activity categories

These insights will help your teams better manage workloads and ensure alignment.

If you’d like to try out this new integration as part of our beta program, you can request to join the beta here and we will help you connect to your ActivTrak account. The beta requires an ActivTrak Advanced plan with the ActivConnect add-on. An ActivTrak administrator for your account will need to work with us to enable the integration.

This video provides an overview of how the integration works.

The integration gives you the ability to add ActivTrak data to, configured as a Board View or Widget. The screenshot below shows how this looks like a widget within a Dashboard.


The ‘Team Activities’ widget or board view highlights top team-level and user-level activities by category. More interactive ActivTrak reports will be added in the future.

Clicking into the ActivTrak widget will drill in to show a detailed view with the ability to filter by individual users, by team, by application category, or by date range for comparative analysis. 


In, activity data from ActivTrak is summarized as a % of total time. Hover over a category to see the actual time spent in the top 3 applications or websites within that category. Because all users can view the ActivTrak widget, additional activity details are not surfaced via the integration to protect employee privacy.

Contact us to request access to the beta.


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