Team Comparison - Side by Side

When two teams are similar in function, it’s helpful to look at their data in detail side by side. Discrepancies provide managers with opportunities to discuss different approaches to work and management strategies that yield more productive working habits. 

Key Questions:


How is my team working in comparison to similar teams?

This is most helpful when teams perform the same function. Leveraging tactics used by peer managers can help raise the productivity levels across multiple teams at once. 

What applications do similar teams use?

Other teams may leverage different strategies for completing their work. By viewing application usage and time allocation, insights may surface around these variations in working styles and processes.



A. Productivity for Selected Team vs. Comparison Team

  • Productive vs. Non-Business: Comparing productive time to non-business activities is helpful when evaluating how employees spend their daily time on average over the defined time (adjusting the Activity Date can show how the composition of time changes over time)
  • Productivity Sessions: reveal the average duration of time spent in productive applications before interruption
  • Top Non-Business Apps/Sites: For additional detail, review the Top Non-Business Apps/Sites Chart to understand the applications/sites that pull team members away from productive activities. 



B. Focus for Selected Team vs. Comparison Team

  • Time Breakdown: breaks Productive Time into 1) Focused, 2) Collaboration and 3) Multitasking. Breakdowns will vary by function and team type.
  • Focused Sessions: This number sheds insight on average session times in which employees are engaging in work without distraction; a state likely to yield creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.
  • Top Apps/Sites affecting Focus: Understand the top applications/sites used by the team to collaborate and/or where multitasking happens regularly; thus, affecting their focus.



C. Technology Usage for Selected Team vs. Comparison Team

  • Category allocation % by Team: helps us better understand where the team is spending its time. This is useful for managers looking to understand potential obstacles or simply looking for clues into activity and strategy alignment. 

Productivity Lab Tip

It’s most helpful to compare teams that perform the same function. Comparing teams with different roles and responsibilities will often show differing numbers and activities based on the nature of the work.

  • Top Applications/Sites by Allocation %: Understanding an organization’s top applications/sites provides useful intel when gauging whether tools are being fully leveraged. The purpose of this analysis is to see the number of users across each application. For insights into user activity, consult the Activity Breakdown Analysis.


Learn more about the different metrics included in ActivTrak Premium by accessing our data glossary.


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