Technology Usage - Adoption

Consult this report to further understand the degree to which categories and applications are used. Insights into usage could drive decisions around training offerings, subscription renewals, and license purchases.

Key Questions:


Is technology being leveraged to execute the activities required to achieve our goals?

Understanding technology usage can highlight whether it is being adequately leveraged for its intended purpose. All too often, businesses invest in technology that goes unused as a result of not properly driving adoption throughout the user group. When viewing this report, consider whether more communication is needed around specific tools and applications or if training would promote better usage.

Are there training gaps that exist with certain technologies?

Knowing which users have adopted technology vs. those who have not could shed light on clear training deficiencies. At times, users avoid leveraging new technology even when it’s proven to make roles easier following the learning period. Consider offering additional training should users remain on the inactive list for new technology purchases.



A. Technology Adoption

  • Users with Activity During Time Range: Understanding technology adoption gives greater insight into the degree to which applications are being leveraged throughout the organization over time. Select a category and/or application/site at the top of the page to dig deeper into the frequency and duration of usage.  Besides the individual user breakdown, leaders are able to better see a more holistic view of average usage minutes, the number of users, and inactive user count.
  • Inactive Users During Time Range: A glance at inactive users could indicate potential training opportunities or areas in which licenses may no longer be necessary.

Productivity Lab Tip

When a new technology is introduced, it will be common to see inactive users at first. Following training, track this list to help ensure employees are capable and willing to adopt the new tool.



B. Usage Trend

  • Technology Usage Daily Trend: Refer to the usage daily trends to understand the relationship between total usage hours and the total number of users. This is helpful for deciphering whether applications are used across teams.

Productivity Lab Tip

Understanding the pervasiveness of a technology across the organization is helpful when evaluating subscription and licensing models.


Learn more about the different metrics included in Insights by accessing our data glossary.



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