Premium Plan Insights Overview

In addition to containing all the Advanced plan features, the new ActivTrak Premium plan provides valuable productivity insights, metrics and goal-setting capabilities that help you and your team to work better. Insights you need to optimize focus time, workload balance, and technology usage across your team. 

Here is an overview of the Premium Plan new dashboards and features. Click on links below to get detailed information for each and check out the release notes.

Insights for Executives

Executive Summary

Track the health of your organization with quick insight across major areas including overall productivity health, workload balance and activity trends.


Team Comparison - Indicators

Compare key productivity and organizational health indicators across teams. Identify opportunities to reallocate resources to meet company goals and boost productivity.


Team Comparison - Analysis

Understand how your team is working in comparison to other teams. Identity best practices and opportunities to improve.


Insights for Managers

Activity Breakdown - Analysis 

Analyze how total time is being spent for teams and individuals. Using goals, you can quickly evaluate how your team’s behaviors compare to the optimal state defined.


Activity Breakdown - Trends

View your employees’ habits over time to identify patterns of productivity by week and day of the week. View how internal changes to your organization or external events may impact your team’s activity habits.


Work Efficiency - Overview

View metrics for productive and focused hrs/day to understand how your team works and compare against team goals.


Work Efficiency - Inefficiency Sources

Identify inefficiency sources contributing to leaks on productive time and focused time.


Work Efficiency - Trends

Analyze uninterrupted work patterns and the effect on focus and efficiency.


Workload Balance - Analysis

Understand work habits across teams and identify who is working long hours and off-hours on a consistent basis.


Workload Balance - Trends

Stay out in front of burnout and promote a sustainable work culture.


Weekly User Dashboard

With a holistic view across all productivity indicators, this is a helpful way to visualize trends, compare actuals vs goals and gain further insight into an individual’s work habits. Note: This can be accessed by drilling from a user name in one of the other dashboards.


Technology Usage - Overview

Identify changes in allocation % for top categories, applications and sites by comparing different time ranges.


Technology Usage - Adoption 

Understand how technology is utilized to measure user adoption changes across different teams and categories.


Benchmark & Goals

Compare productivity and focus against team historic benchmarks and set future goals based on historical data to help establish a culture of continuous improvement.


Insights Configuration

Insights Configuration 

Ensure insights are relevant and applicable by setting configurations specific to your organization.


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