New Role names and a new Premium feature! (5.1.0)

We have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see this article for up-to-date information on User Roles.


We introduced user roles last quarter with the addition of Team Viewer. Then we surveyed customers to understand what names you found intuitive for each role... and we weren't far off!

While the Admin role will stay put, the other roles are getting a minor facelift:

  • User → Power User
  • Team Viewer → Viewer


Customers found it important to:

  1. Distinguish that Power User has more access than Viewer and can be reserved for users with more advanced reporting needs
  2. Viewer is tailored for frontline managers and individual contributors, who may or may not have team access

Role features and access are unchanged with this release. Here is a summary for reference:



Goal setting (Premium)

In addition, Premium customers will have a new permission to 'Set Goals' in Insights (also released today). Managers can set goals for 'Productive hours per day' and 'Focused hours per day' per team.

  • Admin - can set goals for all Groups/Teams
  • Power User - can set goals for assigned Groups/Teams
  • Viewer - can set goals for assigned Groups/Teams

To assign a Power User or Viewer the ability to set Insights goals:

  1. Go to Settings > Access > App Access
  2. Find the user and click their value in the Viewable Groups column
  3. A pop-up now let's you choose which Groups they can 'View' and 'Set Goals'
  4. Make sure a user can 'View' a Group before you assign them to 'Set Goals'

Now, when the Premium user visits Insights > Benchmarks & Goals, they can edit goals for their assigned Groups/Teams.


Learn more about user roles:

Roles & Permissions for Access to Your ActivTrak Account

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