Team Comparison - Productivity & Focus

Review Team Comparison - Productivity & Focus when trying to understand how teams operate relative to their peers. While teams that perform different functions are likely to vary in their numbers (because they vary in work), it is helpful to further understand the range of working habits across the organization.

Key Questions:


How do my teams compare to one another? To the organization's average?

Understanding how teams compare in the context of others can shed light on inconsistencies that would benefit from additional conversations and context. Teams that vary in the nature of their work may vary for this reason. However, teams that perform the same function are likely to have more consistent numbers.

Which managers need additional support?

Teams that struggle often require managerial support and employee support. Coaching managers on how to coach their teams could unlock productivity potential across entire groups.



Productivity & Focus

  • Key Numbers: Understanding key numbers in comparison to an organization’s averages is helpful for greater performance context. These indicators serve as a guide for assessing the numbers across each team in the table below.
  • Productive & Focused Time vs. Goals: In addition to seeing team numbers compared to organization averages (using key numbers), use this table to see how each team is performing in comparison to their specific goals.

Productivity Lab Tip

Goals are likely to vary for each team based on work type and function. It’s helpful to look at organizational averages and goals for broader context.


Learn more about the different metrics included in ActivTrak Premium by accessing our data glossary.


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