Gathering URL Information When no URL is Visible

For the ActivTrak agent to log URLs for web browser application events, the URL must be visible to the agent on the screen of the local machine. When a URL is visible on the screen, the ActivTrak agent will capture the URL and return it to the activity log event details.

Certain end-user behaviors within a web browser will result in event log entries where no Url is returned. This occurs when there is no Url visible to the agent during the end-users activity. 

These activities include:

  • End users working in full-screen mode within a web browser where the URL bar is not visible.
  • End users working in full-screen web browser apps.
  • End users working within browser development tools.
  • Web browser popup and dialog messages.

When these activities occur, the events in the Activity Log will populate the URL with “Url Unavailable”. Similarly, seeing “Url Unavailable” in the activity log for an event means that no URL was visible to the agent for the logged event.

The ActivTrak Chrome Assistant

The ActivTrak Windows agent has the ability to leverage a Chrome extension to gather URL information when no URL is visible. This is ideal for Windows users who work primarily in Google Chrome. This is not a solution for Mac users.



See Installing the ActivTrak Chrome Assistant to learn more. 

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