Configurator Role Release Notes (5.3)

We have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see this article for up-to-date information on User Roles.


ActivTrak’s latest release includes a new role for app access users to be able to configure groups, classify activities, and alarms. This new role allows for managers and other stakeholders to access and configure the account for their teams without the risk of modifying account wide settings, upgrade access, or agent installation and management. 


Given that managers are closest to their teams’ work, they are best suited to classify activities with the appropriate categories and productivity status. Providing this Configurator role access gives them the tools needed to classify and manage their teams’ productivity. 


Now there are four distinct roles for providing access to the app. Here are the roles and a brief overview in order of most to least access:

  • Admin: Full access to administer users, groups and settings. 
  • Configurator: Full access to all users and groups data, settings for groups and classification. No access to Settings for Users, App Access, or Account Configuration.
  • Power User: Group specific view-only access. No access to Alarms or Settings.
  • Viewer: Group specific view-only access. No access to Activity Log, Alarms, Configuration or Settings.

The following table provides detailed access information for each of the four roles.





The new Configurator role can be assigned to new app access users by clicking on ‘Add New ActivTrak ID’ within the App Access page:



In addition, existing users can be switched to the Configurator role within the App Access table by clicking on their current role and selecting another.



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