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Goal-setting and tracking is key to improving team productivity and work habits. While it's good practice to set goals at the team level, it’s also important to track individual team members’ performance against their own personal benchmarks.

Key Questions


How does the productivity and focus of each of my team members compare to the team average and the team goal? Is individual productivity and focus trending up or down?

While aggregate data is a good indicator of your team’s overall productivity, it’s important to understand how individual team members are progressing over time. Maybe a team member is falling short of the goal you’ve set for the team, but is improving against their own metrics week over week. Or maybe you notice that an individual's productivity has been steadily declining, which may indicate lack of engagement.

These insights can help you understand each team member’s personal progress and identify trends that can make you a more effective coach.



Team Members

The Members tab on the Benchmarks & Goals dashboard displays the number of productive hours or focused hours (based on the metric selected in the drop-down at the top of the page) for each member of a given team. See how these metrics are trending day over day, week over week, over the last 4 weeks, and over the last 12 weeks.

Productivity Lab Tip

High-point fluctuations may reflect spikes of work associated with deadlines/milestones. Identifying these outliers can help establish more accurate benchmarks and set optimal goals.


Learn more about the different metrics included in ActivTrak Premium by accessing our data glossary.



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