Technology Usage - Top Changes

Rely on these insights to better understand technology usage over time. Gauge where further promotion of productive technologies must occur and where limitations on distracting and unproductive technology may be useful.

Key Questions:


Is technology being leveraged to execute our goals?

Understanding technology usage can highlight whether it is being adequately leveraged for its intended purpose. All too often, businesses invest in technology that goes unused as a result of not properly driving adoption throughout the user group. When viewing this report, consider whether more communication is needed around specific tools and applications or if training would promote better usage.



Changes in Category Allocation

Despite knowing the roles within a team and the tools they are likely to require, understanding deviations from the norm provides additional insight into when team members could be struggling with the process, tool adoption, or role alignment. View the Top Changes in Category Allocation to understand how category allocation has changed over time (date comparison set at the top).


Changes in Application and Site Usage

Within categories of work, dig deeper to understand applications and sites trending up and down over the course of time. Drastic upticks in site or application usage may reflect strong project emphasis or, conversely, distractions or disengagement when compared to the previous week. 


Learn more about the different metrics included in Insights by accessing our data glossary.



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