Mac Agent 8.2 Release Notes -

The ActivTrak 8.2 macOS agent provides native support for Apple M1 devices and Intel-based Macs. It also includes auto-upgrade functionality that will allow future macOS agent releases to automatically upgrade to the newer versions and contains security enhancements.


Native Apple Silicon Support 

The macOS 8.2 agent is now deployed as a package that contains binaries to allow native support for Apple M1 and Intel-based Macs. Administrators looking to deploy the agent to Macs via MDM solutions can now do so without having to ensure Rosetta2 is installed on M1 Macs. 


Auto Upgrade

Included in the 8.2 release is an auto-upgrade feature for silent, interaction-free update functionality. This feature allows future versions of the Mac agent to automatically upgrade from 8.2 to the newer versions. Existing macOS agents will not automatically upgrade to the 8.2 Agent due to the required end-user approval of macOS Accessibility permissions.

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