Dashboard Troubleshooting

When experiencing issues loading and viewing parts or all of the ActivTrak Dashboard, there are several steps we can take to identify and resolve the issue.

First, identify whether or not the email signed into the dashboard is assigned an Admin role.

Typically if the only tab that appears under Access in the navigation menu is "ActivTrak Profile", then the current email address used to login to the dashboard is not one that is assigned an admin role. To learn more about roles and their access level check out this article: Roles & Permissions for Access to Your ActivTrak Account

To be sure, please send a screenshot of the dashboard page to the ActivTrak support team via chat or email support@activtrak.com. From there the Support Engineer assisting you will be able to verify the login role associated with the email address used to log in.

Second, ensure that the account is not over in storage or license limits.

When an account exceeds its user limit all data will be hidden. To check this, navigate to the top of the Dashboard and check the user license icon. Data will not be shown until the extra users are removed. To remove extra users check out this article: Do Not Track

Free accounts can also have their data hidden in the event that they have exceeded their storage limit. New data will not be shown until enough data is deleted to place the account under the 3GB limit. To free up storage space check out this article: Free Up Storage Space

Third, check filter settings.

On many reports the option to filter the data is present, but sometimes there may not be any data to match the filters applied. In this situation, a message similar to "no entries to display" will appear. It is always important to ensure that the report filters are set properly for the correct data to be displayed. Filters are typically located across the top of the page for each report.

Fourth, try opening and logging into the dashboard in an incognito browser window. 

When using a Chrome browser, click the three small circles at the top right of the browser pane. A dropdown will appear, choose "New Incognito Window". Attempt to login to the dashboard in the new incognito window.

If the dashboard issue seems to be resolved when using an incognito browser, the browser cache and cookies will need to be cleared. To clear browser cache and cookies in a Chrome browser check out the link below:

Clear cache & cookies

After this has been done, the dashboard should appear correctly in the normal browser window. 

Fifth, try opening and logging into the dashboard in a different browser.

Log in to the dashboard using a different browser. If only one browser is having issues, ensure the browser is up to date.

Lastly, use the browser dev tools to identify errors. 

Open the Chrome dev tools, click on the "Console" tab, and take a screenshot of any errors that appear. 

  • This link explains how to open the dev tools inside Chrome: Dev Tools

Send any screenshots taken to Support via chat or email support@activtrak.com.



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