Scheduled Email Delivery & Personal Insights - ActivTrak Premium (Release 5.7.0)

We have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see the articles below for up-to-date information.

Scheduled Email Delivery (Subscriptions) & Sharing

Share Personal Insights with Your Team Members

With the new Premium capabilities, we have heard a lot of customers asking for ways to share and operationalize workplace insights at their company so it becomes part of the regular workflows. The new version of ActivTrak Premium introduces three major features to help organizations easily share insights with the whole team on a regular basis.  

  • Personal Insights Dashboard: The purpose of this is to provide everyone ‘insights’ into their personal work habits to help improve their workplace experience and develop critical skills for personal development. By providing a visual representation of your digital workday, individuals can make informed decisions in areas that can dramatically reduce fatigue, stress and inefficiencies and provide a path to higher productivity and sustainable outcomes. The existing Weekly User Dashboard has been replaced by the new Personal Insights Dashboard. Get more details here.



  • Scheduled Email Delivery: Premium application users have the ability to self-subscribe to all Insights dashboards on a schedule and include links to these reports at delivery time to drive recurrent use of the ActivTrak application. Get more details here.
  • Sharing: Additionally, account administrators can enable the ability to share the Personal Insights Dashboard into work habits with direct reports that don’t have access to the ActivTrak application to help them improve their productivity and workplace experience. Get more details here.



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