Preparing the Windows Agent for Install via Intune

To install the ActivTrak windows agent using Microsoft Intune, now a part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool must be used to convert the ActivTrak .MSI file into the .intunewin format.

How To:

1. First download your organization's ActivTrak Windows ActivTrak MSI installation file from the      ActivTrak app. 

2. Download the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe file from the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool GitHub repo. 

3. You can run the file manually to receive individual prompts or use the Windows command prompt or PowerShell terminal using the following command:


IntuneWinAppUtil -c <setup_folder> -s <source_setup_file> -o <output_folder> <-q>



  • -c points to the folder of the MSI file is contained within
  • -s points to the name of your organization's ActivTrak .MSI file itself, not inclusive of the folder.
  • -o is the name of the output folder the converted .intunewin file will be created in

Learn more about the Command-line parameters in the file on the  Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool GitHub repo. 


Example running the utility from the Downloads folder:


IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c C:\Users\buster\Downloads\Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool-master\ -s ATAcct571631_1En81_PZzCZ3_37944317190.msi -o .\intune -q


Expected CMD output:


Please reach out to ActivTrak Support via chat or email if you need further assistance.


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