User Merge How To

Administrators of paid accounts can now combine an inactive user or users into a single active reporting user to reduce license count usage and preserve user data within the account. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature. 

Note: Merging active users together is not supported.

How To:

1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > User Agents.

2. Select one active user by clicking the check box next to the user's name. This user will be the destination user.

3. Then, select one or more inactive users to merge into the active user. These will become source users.

4. Find the "Merge Users" button at the top-left of the page. Click it, check off the acknowledgment agreement and select schedule merge.


In case of an accidental merge, you can navigate to the 'Scheduled Merges' button. Once selected, a pop-up of all the scheduled merges will appear. From there, click the three circles on the right of the merge you wish to cancel, then select cancel merge. 

Note: Merges do not happen in real-time and begin processing overnight at 12:00 am central time. If necessary, scheduled user merges can be canceled prior to processing. Once a user merge has been completed it cannot be undone.


To learn more about the User Merge feature check out this article: User Merge


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