Groups Management Improvements Release Notes (6.5.1)

ActivTrak’s latest release includes a redesign of our groups configuration page within Settings > Users & Groups > Groups to improve the speed of creating and managing groups. 

This new design is the first of several improvements to the functionality Admins use to customize and manage their ActivTrak account.

In today’s release, we have introduced an intuitive and easy to use design that allows for creating, populating, and deleting groups. There is now a landing page of all the groups with high level data and each group now has an individual page that allows Admins to see all the information related to the group and take action on that individual group.



These pages now have a search functionality that allows Admins to quickly find a particular group out of 100s of groups or all groups where a user or computer is a member.


Finally, group creation and adding members to groups has been simplified with a guided experience. This wizard will reduce the steps it takes to create a group or add members to an existing group.



In coming releases, we will add the ability to quickly delete multiple groups or members from a group and import group structures. Be on the lookout for those in the next couple of months!

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