Updates to the Account Management Functionality in Your ActivTrak Account

Over the coming months, you will see some exciting updates to your ActivTrak account:

  • New Admin pages to streamline tasks and show the right information when you need it most
  • New intuitive search capabilities to quickly find key information 
  • New bulk actions to save time

New Admin pages for Groups, Classification, Users, Computers & App Access will allow you to administer these pages more efficiently. These enhancements simplify administrative workflows, making it easier for Admins to deploy, manage and scale your ActivTrak account. 

We’ve already started sharing these new enhancements on the Groups page. This new design improves usability and decreases the time to create and populate groups. You can learn more here. A new and improved page for Classification will make activity classification faster and the User Agents Page will be broken out into two different stand alone pages – Users and Computers – so you can easily view details on a specific user or computer. Our goal is to display the data you need when you really need it.


On top of all that, you will be able to search across data fields to quickly find users, groups, computers – you name it! This is especially important when you’ve got thousands of data points to explore. We want to make that easier – more intuitive. For example, we’ve just released the search capability for Groups that allows Admins to quickly find a particular group or all groups that a user or computer is a member of.


Finally, we are looking at how we can enable Admins to complete bulk actions. For example, wouldn’t it be great to export activities, classify them offline, then upload them back to ActivTrak? With this capability, managers and individual employees can help determine the category and productivity status of applications and websites used by their teams.

We’ve recently started to make bulk actions available on the Groups page. That means when selecting multiple items you will be able to view the bulk actions available. Today you can bulk delete groups

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the enhancements we have in store for ActivTrak Admins. It’s all coming soon!


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