Reclaiming licenses from users

Once the ActivTrak agent is installed, user tracking is automatic. Any user not on the Do Not Track list that logs into a computer where the agent is installed will automatically be logged and counted against user licensing.

The Do Not Track list can be used to prevent a user from being logged and counted against licensing while continuing to run the agent and log activity from other users on the same machine.

Learn more about using the Do Not Track list here.

ActivTrak admins can identify potential inactive users by sorting the user agents page using the “Last Log Record” column. 

Inactive users may exist from computers that are no longer in service, users that are no longer active, or users that have had an account name change.

Administrators can reclaim licenses from inactive users by either deleting their records (which will also delete their activity data), or merging an inactive user record into an active account using the user merge feature. Note: this feature is only available to Administrators of paid accounts.

Learn more about the User Merge feature here.

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