Role Access Configuration Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of new functionality that gives Admins more granular control over users’ access to data within ActivTrak.

From the new Role Access page, Admins can configure the permissions of each User Role (Configurator, Power User, and Viewer) to restrict access to specific dashboards and features. This enables organizations to give employees visibility into their data without exposing colleagues’ sensitive information.


Changes made to User Role permissions will take effect for all users currently assigned a given role, as well as users invited to the account with that role going forward. Admins can undo any changes and revert to the default settings by clicking the ‘Reset to Default’ link in the top-right corner of the Role Access page.

If no changes are made via the Role Access page, each User Role retains its default permissions, and there will be no impact to what app users can or cannot access.

The Role Access page can be found in the Settings section of the sidebar navigation (Settings > Access > Role Access). This page is only visible to Admins.

As part of this release, Date Filter Options have moved from the Account Configuration page to the new Role Access page. The functionality has not changed, but the UI has been updated for easier configuration.


Learn more about configuring User Roles and granting access to your ActivTrak account.

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