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ActivTrak provides many insights about your team’s work habits. These insights can help you understand how team members are spending their time and identify potential issues — like burnout risk, waning productivity, or inefficient workflows — that often go unnoticed or can be difficult to validate.

ActivTrak Coach surfaces insights that need immediate attention so you can focus on improving your team’s performance instead of sifting through data and analyzing reports. You’ll also get personalized coaching recommendations to improve team productivity and well-being through surfacing what needs immediate attention. The Coach page contains five tabs: Summary, Utilization, Efficiency, Focus, and Progress.

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How does ActivTrak Coach make it easier for me to leverage data about my team's work habits?

We understand that trying to figure out which insights are most important or which reports to consult can sometimes be time-consuming. And when you do have a concern about a team member’s behavior, it may not be obvious how to address it.

ActivTrak Coach surfaces meaningful insights based on your team’s data, and recommends actions that you can take to increase productivity and promote healthier work habits.

How often should I review my Coaching Opportunities?

Coaching Opportunities can be viewed any day of the week, though it’s important to note that they are refreshed once a week on Mondays.

When you have new opportunities to review, you’ll see a message indicator next to the Coach tab within the app navigation. You can also create email subscriptions for the Coach dashboard to stay on top of new opportunities and track team member progress.


Watch this one-minute video for an overview of the Coach Summary page. View in fullscreen by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

The Summary page provides a high-level view of team member insights, or “Coaching Opportunities,” grouped into three categories:

  • High Utilization: Team members who may be at risk of burnout because they are working significantly longer hours than their goal level or they need more break time.
  • Low Efficiency: Team members that are missing their productivity goals or have additional screen time that can be contributing to fatigue as a result of low productivity efficiency.
  • Low Focus: Team members who are not meeting their focus goals due to time spent on collaboration or multitasking activities.

Each card will also display the number of new opportunities in the current week compared to the previous week. Week-over-week trends in the number of opportunities per category indicate where a team is making progress and which areas may need more work.

You can drill down for details on each category by clicking the card that displays the number of opportunities, or by clicking the navigation tabs at the top of the page.

Managers can adjust how these opportunities are identified by updating their team’s productive time and focused time goals.

Productivity Lab Tip

We suggest you set a cadence — with calendar alerts 1-2x a week for 15 minutes to review your weekly coaching opportunities and devise what support actions you’d like to take to better support your team. Remember: insights are helpful but actions make impact!

If you’re seeing the same Coaching Opportunities surface throughout your team, consider having a team-wide meeting versus 1x1 discussions. The team-wide solution could help everyone (e.g., calendar blocks, non-messaging times, etc.).

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