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The Coach - Efficiency page consolidates data from several different reports and surfaces Coaching Opportunities for team members who may need manager guidance. It helps you identify and act on areas where team members can improve their productivity efficiency — limiting their total hours behind the screen while maximizing their productive time — thus freeing more time for work/life balance.

Key Questions:


Are my team members able to be efficient with their time? How do I help?

ActivTrak reports can help identify issues like excessive screen time and distractions, but how should you act on those insights? And how do you know which issues are most important to focus on?

Reference the Coach - Efficiency page for recommendations tailored to your team members’ data to improve productivity and promote healthier work habits.

What guidance can I provide to help improve my team’s productivity efficiency?

The Coaching Advice on the Efficiency page provides recommendations to help team members improve their productivity efficiency (such as uncovering common distractions, identifying training needs, or improving goal clarity). The Work Efficiency - Trends analysis and the Coach Progress Report can help you determine whether team member behavior is improving and whether your guidance is making the intended impact on team productivity and efficiency.



The Efficiency page provides details on team members who are not achieving their productive time goal and may have an opportunity to gain back personal time by working more efficiently. Coaching Advice provides guidance on how managers can remove common efficiency blockers and help team members reduce screen time. Managers can click a team member’s name to drill into the Work Efficiency - Overview dashboard.


The Low Efficiency Coaching Opportunities are determined based on the productive hours / day goal. Individuals are identified as having low efficiency if their productive hours per day over the last 4 complete weeks is:

  1. Equal to or more than the productive hours goal AND Productivity efficiency (percentage of productive time in relationship to total time) is less than 90%; OR 
  2. An individual’s productive hours worked per day is less than the goal AND productivity efficiency is less than 90%.

Managers can adjust how these opportunities are identified by updating their team’s goals.

Productivity Lab Tip

While productivity efficiency is important to strive for, some employees may use their computers to read the news or tend to other personal items as they take breaks throughout the day. This type of freedom and flexibility may work for the employee; however, it is helpful to remind them that breaks away from the computer are more impactful resets than time behind the screen.

Learn more about Focus Time:


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